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"This is my second time working with Charlie and I can't recommend him enough. He's professional, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. He truly has your best interest in mind and will help educate you throughout the process. Throughout my home search, he was in constant contact and proactively looking for homes that met my criteria." CS

"Charlie has exceptional knowledge and insight of the real estate market in the metro area. He is thoughtful, respectful, and helpful through every step of the process. We have purchased and sold homes with him - both went very well. Most recently, we had a last minute issue on our end that threw off his initial plan for listing/showing our home - he didn’t even bat an eye and calmly helped us sort out a plan B. Highly recommend!" KS & JS

"Charlie is a phenomenal realtor (and a great human being). Among his many skills, the one that stands out most to me is that he is a great listener. Buying a house - at least for my wife and me - was a non-linear process. It took a long time to figure out what we really wanted. At every step, Charlie listened to our feedback, translated our thoughts, and found us homes that fit our constantly evolving criteria. And when we finally made an offer on the house we really loved, he managed the process like an all-star. My wife and I highly recommend Charlie - he's fantastic." TJ & NT

"We have no reservations about any part of our interaction with Charlie; it was quite enjoyable, and the outcome was good. We especially liked the way he kept us informed at each step of the way. We also appreciated the logistical help he provided in things like getting the house ready for showing. We'd recommend him to anyone looking for an agent." BM & PM

"Charlie did a marvelous job helping us to both sell our existing home and find a new home. Charlie is professional, approachable, and incredibly knowledgeable about the city's neighborhoods and its properties. He is tremendously responsive, articulate, and clear in his communications and diligent in the detail. Every question or concern we raised was accommodated promptly. We felt comfortable at every step in both the purchase and sale process, and regardless of what came up, Charlie was always on hand to ensure all went smoothly and calmly. We would recommend Charlie without hesitation; he was an absolute pleasure to work with." JF & AN

"Charlie did a  wonderful job helping us buy a new home and sell our previous home. He was super knowledgeable and helped us understand the process better than we ever could have on our own. We are so grateful for his expertise and kindness." JK & HM

“Charlie was great to work with. He knows the market, has a lot of experience, and is really good at guiding you through the selling process and offering helpful advice. He was always responsive and very professional.” 

"It was a great experience to work with Charlie. He was always friendly, punctual, and available to answer any and all questions we may have had. He made the experience of looking for a house enjoyable and taught us so many things. He encouraged us to think critically about what we thought was important to have in a home in addition to teaching us what made a “good” house a “good” house. We love our new home and could not have imagined a better place for us, which could not have happened without all of Charlie’s hard work. I would highly recommend Charlie!" AF & EH

"This is the second time Charlie and I have worked together. After he guided me through my first house sale and purchase, he was the first person I thought of to help me again. Charlie knows his business and he understands people. I appreciate his pragmatic, level-headed approach and how it's blended with sincere empathy and just the right dose of humor. Both times Charlie and I worked together, I knew from beginning to end that Charlie had my best interests in mind and I trust his counsel implicitly." EB

"It was great working with Charlie! Very responsive but also mellow so the process felt as smooth as you could ask for in the typically stressful endeavor of selling your home."  TC

"Charlie was exceptional while I bought my first home. I met with other realtors prior to choosing to work with Charlie and it was clear from his expertise of the Twin Cities area, general knowledge of houses and personality that he was the best fit for me. He would walk me through specifics of what I should be looking for at each house and he also has an intuitive way of honing in on exactly what I was looking for in a house and in a neighborhood.
 Charlie is an exceptional negotiator and was able to walk me through the buying process quickly and easily and I knew I could put my trust in him. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with him in your corner while buying or selling your property. He has my business, as well as the rest of my family and any friends who are ever looking for a realtor because I have nothing but praise for how this experience went with Charlie." KC

“Four years ago we bought a home with Charlie Neimeyer, and recently sold that home with him. He was responsive and knew our local market very well. When we had questions or needed guidance he was quick in getting back to us. He made both the buying and selling process go seamlessly. We've re-commended Charlie to many friends buying and selling in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. He's the best!” MH

“Charlie did a fantastic job representing us in the sale of our home. His responsiveness and professionalism were excellent, as is his knowledge of the market in our neighborhood. We followed Charlie's advice and achieved a great result. I would highly recommend Charlie to anyone needing a realtor.” DM 

“Charlie very quickly understood the type of house we were seeking and narrowed our search down, as well as advised us, accordingly. It only took a couple trips out to tour houses before we found the perfect fit. Charlie's advice on how and when to make the offer was spot on. We are very pleased.” KH & JH

"Highly recommend working with Charlie. When we were looking for a home, he really listened to what we were looking for, and more importantly what we were not looking for. When we sold our condo, he helped us find ways to make it attractive to buyers and kept the drama of home selling at a minimum. Very responsive and friendly, as well as thoughtful and experienced in terms of providing the right level of information about housing condition and market pricing."  EY & KY

"Charlie is personable and calming ~ he explains things clearly and always has a word of comfort when the whole process becomes overwhelming! I knew the sale would go quickly, but it went so rapidly, my head was spinning. Charlie's calm demeanor settled me and helped me move forward in a clear and reasonable way. Whatever form of communication we used, his responses were immediate. The whole transaction was quite smooth!" 

“Everything was great! I felt heard throughout the entire process. His knowledge of the different neighborhoods was extremely helpful. I also appreciated his ability to point out possible issues at each house.” KA 

"Charlie was so GREAT to work with!!! He listened to what we wanted to achieve. Was extremely responsive. Helped us find the Unicorn we were seeking. Was very effective at navigating the changes that come with trying to sell a home." JZ & DZ

“Charlie was absolutely fantastic to work with. He hooked me up with a great design firm that was able to handle all the work that was needed on my house before I listed it. He gave me great direction on market activity and pricing, and within two days of listing my house, I had a full price offer (after negotiation by Charlie). I will absolutely work with him again in the future and recommend him to all!” MN 

“Charlie was initially referred to me by a co-worker and I worked with Charlie months in advance of my relocation to St. Paul, Minnesota from Madison, Wisconsin. I could not have been happier with how everything worked out. With a hectic travel schedule, Charlie was always able to make time for showings on short notice and keep an eye on what was new to the market, in case I needed to make an extra trip to the area. Charlie knows the Twin Cities well and was able to help me narrow down the exact part of St. Paul to look in. (My search started looking at three-four different neighborhoods.) In the end, I got the house I wanted at a great price and Charlie was able to put me in contact with a contractor/plumber for some additional work that needed to be completed after closing. I would 110% work with Charlie again and highly recommend him. He always follows through and is dedicated to helping you find the right home! Thanks again!”JR

“Charlie was excellent to work with and I highly recommend him. He helped us find a great home in a great location (no easy feat since he had to combine the priorities for both my wife and me) as well as sell our prior home and helped us through the negotiation process each time. He gave us realistic advice based on his excellent knowledge of the market (what to expect for the house we were selling based on the neighborhood, and a realistic range that he thought the houses we were interested in would sell for) and was pretty much spot on. As other reviewers have noted, Charlie is a pleasure to work with. He keeps a positive attitude throughout and was always responsive to calls, e-mails, questions, etc.  I was very happy with our experiences with Charlie and wouldn't hesitate in recommending him, just as he was recommended to us.” MM & AM 

“Charlie is professional, honest, and an excellent communicator.  He sold our home in what we consider record time. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.” GY & RY 

"Charlie came recommended by a friend and this turned out to be an excellent referral. We were looking for a single family house in St. Paul while still living about 75 miles away. Charlie was very helpful in working with us - we drove up for really good houses, but he also found out information not in the listing for us several times, and offered video tours for some of the "maybe" ones, saving us lots of unnecessary trips. He offered honest information on potential issues/ downsides of houses, which helped us be realistic about the state a house might be in - important for making a good decision.Charlie also helped us navigate this crazy seller's market by providing us with numbers related to home sales in the areas we were interested in. Charlie is very responsive, professional, honest, and friendly, and we highly recommend him - great experience all around!"  MP & MP

“Charlie knows neighborhoods and stays current with market trends – a valuable combination. He is diligent in providing good advice and service throughout the buying and selling process.” SJ & WJ

“Charlie helped sell our house in a very difficult market. He’s honest, responsive, attentive and hard working. I would be delighted to work with him again.” LK

"Working with Charlie was a great experience. He makes the home buying experience smooth, pleasant and enjoyable instead of stressful! He was very knowledgeable about home structure, utilities, appliances, market value, area appeal, and so on. He's also honest when a property is problematic or would be a bad investment in any way - he's not just trying to push a sale." KC & ML 

“Charlie was recommended to us by a friend, and he exceeded our expectations. We had a few realtors evaluate our home, and with Charlie's expert eye, he gave us advice on what to update (and what not to!) and ended with a higher starting price than any others. We sold our house for over the asking price in 18 hours! He then helped us find our new dream home, and we couldn't be happier. I HIGHLY recommend him!” PM & AM

“Charlie provided a clear, smooth and straight-forward path to selling our house. He told us what we needed to do to get it on the market. We did those things and the house sold for the full asking price within a relatively short time. This was by far the best experience we have ever had with a realtor and we would recommend Charlie to our closest friends. He is extremely professional and honest.” ML & GL

“Charlie was recommended by friends and, wow, were we happy. Through the house hunting process, Charlie was thoughtful and very responsive to our needs. As a native of the Twin Cities, he knows not just the neighborhoods but the history of how these areas evolved over time. He pointed out issues with houses that we would have missed. Had it not been for his expertise, we would have bought a money pit. In addition, Charlie is an experienced interior designer which helped us see the possibilities in our new home. He has a witty sense of humor and a passion for his work. We would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks to him we bought a cute house, walking distance for our daughter's new school.” AF & CF

“Charlie helped us buy a condo three years ago and sell it this year. In both cases he was fantastic. Very responsive and excellent advice about pricing.” RC & SC

"Charlie was the selling agent for our house on the West Side of St. Paul, and honestly it couldn't have gone any better. We had talked about selling our house a number of times previously, but always got cold feet. Charlie never lost patience with us - as he said several times, this is a long-term relationship, not a one-time transaction. When we finally decided that "this time we mean it," he guided us with great advice and clear direction about what we needed to do to get the house ready to sell. In a short amount of time (2-3 weeks) we were able to get our house looking better than it had at pretty much any time previously. When it was ready to go on the market, he gave us a really clear picture of what to expect: How long we should plan to be out of the house, what range of offers we could reasonably receive, how he planned to communicate with us, etc. In the end, our house sold in less than 48 hours at a really great price to a really well-qualified buyer. There were no issues between accepting the offer and closing, which was, of course, a huge relief but also another testament to Charlie's knowledge and approach. Charlie is a delightful guy and a pleasure to work with. We recommend him highly." NT & TJ

“This may sound excessive, but Charlie was the perfect agent. We were looking for someone really knowledgeable, who really knew the turf and could advise us from a practical and economic standpoint, but we were also looking for someone we could hang out with and who could demystify a process that can be very intimidating. You're about to plunk down your life savings, after all, and there can be a lot of anxiety when you feel like you're out of your depth (which everyone is, the first time). Charlie was all these things and more, and we found ourselves looking forward to house hunting dates in part because we knew we were in such good hands. Charlie took us through the process expertly and patiently, with tons of humor. He was a consummate professional who also felt like a good friend. We cannot recommend him highly enough.” JA & JA

"Charlie has exceptional knowledge of the core Twin Cities market. As a long time Saint Paul resident, he knew more than I did about the block-by-block dynamics of the real estate market in the city. When it came time to make an offer on a house, he knew what would fit us exactly, and helped us make the right offer. When it came time to sell our house, he provided the right guidance for repairs and helped us sort through the offers.Beyond the business side of it, Charlie is a wonderful human being and genuinely wants to help his clients. He is exceptionally responsive at all hours of the day via phone, text, or email. I almost regret that he found us our forever house - if we were in the market again soon, I would not hesitate to give him another call." EH & TH

"We valued Charlie’s advice, counsel and work ethic every step of the process of selling our home. His advice for preparing the home was spot on, clear and effective. He diplomatically weeded out inappropriate potential buyers. He is a no drama professional. Tasks were completed without fanfare or fuss. He’s an excellent communicator." CS & DC

“Absolutely a pleasure to work with. We couldn't recommend Charlie more. He helped us to find the right home in our desired location, and he was helpful and instructive every step of the way. Literally, there isn't one thing we would change in regard to the process. Top notch all the way!” SS & BS 

"We’ve worked with Charlie on two house purchases and a sale and have always had a fantastic experience! He is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and professional. Even in a competitive market, his advice helped ensure our first offer was accepted. When we sold a home, we wholeheartedly trusted his marketing guidance and received multiple offers when the house was listed. It’s always a pleasure to work with Charlie!" AS & TS

“I would recommend Charlie to friends or family without hesitation. He was so easy to work with and very knowledgeable. We interviewed three other agents and Charlie is the only one that answered all of our questions completely. He gave us great advice and hooked us up with a team that got our house prepared for showings. We had an offer within five days after our house was listed. He was a great help and resource throughout the negotiation process. He has a great sense of humor too! All in all, he made what can be a tough process relatively painless.” DR & RR

“Charlie was recommended to me by several of my friends, some of whom have used Charlie as their realtor multiple times. There's a reason for that: Charlie is a wonderful human being with a great sense of humor. He is never pushy; he's straightforward and honest; and he's knowledgeable. He was a great guide for me during my first home buying process. Though I plan not to need his services again for quite some time, I do expect that I'll use Charlie as my realtor again in the future. I couldn't have hoped for a better experience.” KL 

"We met Charlie through a (very lucky) referral. He is professional, personable, extremely responsive, friendly, funny, and intuitive. Charlie helped us buy and sell our homes briskly and painlessly. Charlie keeps clients well informed, and is always available for questions and conversations. Charlie has a knack for working out issues behind the scenes; I found his style very helpful in keeping my stress level down. Working with Charlie Neimeyer was a 100% positive experience." MS & TS

“Charlie used his extensive market knowledge to sell our home quickly and get us the best possible price. He showcased our home with an interactive, 3-D tour, which gave it valuable exposure and differentiated it from others on the market.” MP & KP

“Good friends referred us to Charlie after we described feeling uneasy around a previous realtor. We "gelled" immediately with Charlie. Both my husband and I felt relaxed and supported by Charlie's candid, witty and laid-back style. As new homeowners, new parents and newcomers to Minneapolis, we needed someone with Charlie's experience and patience to teach us about home buying and give us confidence in our search. Charlie was natural at picking up on our style and needs each time we met even if we couldn't articulate it. We loved that he always took the right moment during our search to explain the personality of various Minneapolis/St. Paul neighborhoods, the market (especially at our price range), how to judge home values relative to their list price, and how each layout would work for a young, growing family. Highly recommend!” PD

"Charlie is a St. Paul real estate expert. He has been in the market for a long time and it shows with his understanding of the market. He is very responsive, entertaining and professional. He's helped us buy two homes now and sold one for us. We will use him again if needed." JR & MR

“Top Notch! Sound knowledge of the local market. Able to articulate and relay aspects of the sale. Responsive to questions. I felt Charlie was putting forth an honest effort for us to get our best results. Realistic expectations.” AR & AR 

"Charlie helped us buy our home when moving from out of town and was incredibly helpful. [A few years later, he] also spent a significant amount of time guiding us through the decision on whether to move to a different house or remodel our existing, ultimately encouraging us to remodel and stay where we were despite taking us to multiple showings and the obvious financial disincentive for him. I would recommend Charlie without hesitation. He not only understands the market but more importantly how to work with people and understand their complex needs."  GH & JH

“Charlie’s incredibly knowledgeable about the real estate market and is a ‘get things done’ kind of person, who can offer advice and assistance every step of the process.” JL & JO

"We have worked with Charlie to buy and sell two houses and cannot recommend him strongly enough. He's extremely knowledgeable about neighborhoods and the local market. He's honest and tells you what you need to know to navigate the process and be successful. Exceptional realtor and all around good guy." JL & SK

"My husband and I worked with Charlie from October 2020 to February 2021 to locate and purchase a home in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. Charlie was very easy to work with, always ready with suggestions on where to start our research and viewing process, and patient with us as we shifted our goals for home buying. He made good introductions to designers and contractors to examine the potential of the home we ended up buying, which will require a significant remodel before we move in. Charlie explained every step of the process to us and gave us good context for the market that we were operating in. Best of all, he had a great sense of humor throughout, which we really appreciated during what is quite a long and laborious process. We highly recommend Charlie to help you with your home buying journey." GD & DM

“Charlie is very thorough in his marketing approach and management of real estate transactions. He is honest and direct. He doesn’t waste a client’s time with superfluous information or processes.” JT & SS

"We have worked with Charlie on several real estate transactions over the years, both buying and selling and we couldn't be happier. He is incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and his advice on pricing has been spot on. Even when we were considering renovating instead of buying, he graciously showed us the options on the market to help us feel comfortable with the renovation costs. His experience is invaluable in anticipating and addressing potential issues. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Twin Cities you won't go wrong working with Charlie." SC & RC

"Charlie was extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. When it came time to put in offers on our home he expertly guided us through the entire process. Would highly recommend working with him." HM & JK

"Our family recently used Charlie as we moved from St. Paul out to the suburbs. He deftly managed the various aspects of the situation, keeping us posted at all relevant times without overwhelming us. We initially chose Charlie due to his intricate knowledge of our unique St. Paul location. This proved to be helpful on our home sale, but Charlie also exceeded our expectations in all other facets of this home buying and selling experience. Without reservation, or qualification, I would recommend Charlie to anyone who needs an agent.” MM & TM
“Charlie is incredibly experienced with the city of Saint Paul, has excellent insights regarding both mechanical and aesthetic aspects of homes, and has a deep understanding of the real estate market in town. Charlie is also an excellent person to work with: he is very personable and funny. Charlie was entirely receptive to our needs and showed us the houses we were interested in and also succeeded in reading our minds and finding houses that were very good fits. Charlie is a great realtor and we highly recommend him.” SM & LK

“Working with Charlie was very easy and a pleasure. He helped sell our old house, and also helped us purchase our new house. We were out of the country for a month during both processes, and Charlie stayed in communication with us throughout our time abroad and took care of details both big and small. He was easy to communicate with and quick to respond whenever we needed assistance. I couldn't be happier with who we chose as a realtor.” JN & CN
“Charlie helped me buy my first home this spring and I couldn't have asked for a better agent. He listened carefully to my goals and helped me understand what to look for as we considered houses. He was always responsive, respectful, and honest. I had been dreading the prospect of house-hunting but, with his guidance, it became fun. I would work with him again in a heartbeat, except that he helped me find the perfect home the first time around!” MS
“We have used Charlie to buy 2 houses and sell 4 properties over the years. He has great knowledge, is very professional and is easy to work with. Our last move was out of the area; so sad we can't take him with us!” LS & LH

“Charlie was not only very knowledgeable about every aspect of buying our first home, but he was also 100% straightforward and FUN. We could not have had a better experience, and are so pleased with our new home in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis and the journey that led to it!” RW & SW

"Charlie is knowledgeable, hard working, and attentive. He handled the entire sale from beginning to end with great skill. We chose him because my son was familiar with his work. He offices in Saint Paul, Minnesota." DM

“Over the past eleven years, Charlie has bought and sold two houses with us. He is knowledgeable, experienced, well liked among his colleagues, and a good listener. We would not consider working with anyone else.” EL & JL
"This is our second time working with Charlie. He continues to be our realtor of choice. We appreciate Charlie's expertise, professionalism and great sense of humor. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and we highly recommend him." AF & CF

“My wife and I were first-time homebuyers and Charlie was instrumental in finding us our new home. With the market as competitive as it is, it became clear how important it was for us to find a realtor who understood both what we wanted within our budget and how to best achieve that - Charlie was absolutely perfect. Besides having an encyclopedic knowledge of St. Paul, Charlie was always willing to show us a new listing at a moment’s notice.

All of his professional accolades aside, Charlie is a great person whose passion for what he does really makes the home buying process fun (even when it may become frustrating). Charlie was amazing to work with and we could not recommend him more. If it wasn't for Charlie's quick thinking and creativity, we would still be searching for a new home. I could not think of a more positive experience than we had with Charlie during our home search.” AA & SA

 “We enjoyed working with Charlie. He knows his stuff and is super responsive. Going through the process of selling and buying a house is stressful and it was reassuring to work with someone that we trusted.” SG & DF

“As first time home buyers, we were fairly clueless to the whole process. Charlie went above and beyond in helping us find a great home. He did a great job explaining what to look for in each home we toured and made the whole process simple and fun. He was always happy to give his opinion or advice when we didn't know what to do. He also made himself very available if we were on a time crunch to see a house in a hot market. We would without question recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell!” KH & SH

“We've known Charlie both personally and professionally for many years. Charlie is a fantastic resource, reliable, honest and responsive. We would absolutely use him again. Everyone who I know who has worked with him always comments on how great Charlie is to work with.”AM & DM 

“Charlie was great to work with: humorous, easy-going, honest, and never pushy. He's knowledgeable in that he's a Saint Paul native, and is a realtor veteran. The process of purchasing a home is complicated; I wouldn't have had the same outcome without his help. Thanks, Charlie!” RS & AB

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