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Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, need more space, or want to down-size, Charlie will guide you through the buying process and provide exceptional service every step of the way. ​Your home search will begin with a discussion. Charlie will ask about your housing needs and desires as well as your preferred timing and financing. Having toured thousands of homes throughout the Twin Cities, he’s already knowledgeable about the areas you’re interested in.  He can also suggest others you may not have considered.

“Charlie very quickly understood the type of house we were seeking and narrowed our search down, as well as advised us, accordingly. It only took a couple trips out to tour houses before we found the perfect fit. Charlie's advice on how and when to make the offer was spot on. We are very pleased.”


Today’s housing market is tight. As a result, it’s essential that buyers learn of and see homes as early as possible. Charlie looks for new listings throughout the day and will let you know when you need to move quickly. If you like, Charlie will create an electronic search for you that will send you listings immediately. That way, you don’t have to rely on real estate websites, which can take up to a day to post information.

Are you well-informed about home construction, heating and plumbing, roofs and sewers? Charlie is - and the knowledge base he’s developed will be to your benefit. As you tour homes, he’ll highlight certain features and alert you to any areas of concern.​

“Charlie was not only very knowledgeable about every aspect of buying our first home, but he was also 100% straightforward and FUN. We could not have had a better experience, and are so pleased with our new home in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis and the journey that led to it!”


When you decide on a property, Charlie will walk you through the purchase offer and explain how the dollar amount, timing, and potential contingencies are likely to impact the seller’s decision. Counter offers and lengthy negotiations are commonplace in today’s market. Charlie will ensure that you’re in a strong position throughout the process.​ 


Once the purchase offer is signed, many agents assume their job is done. That's why purchases fall apart, closings are delayed, and some buyers find themselves temporarily homeless! To ensure that this last, critical period goes smoothly, Charlie will work with your inspector(s), loan officer, title company, and the seller’s agent. More than 99% of Charlie’s clients close on their new home on time and with no surprises.

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